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from 0 to 60 in a minute.

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whitestripes - sucky drummer - amazing guitar player + two guys who can't play their instruments = WORSE THAN POSERS!

so basically, we're a duo comprised of a bass and a guitar.

we have songs.

los quatro chiuahaha, theworstpickupline EVAR, just curious george, jesi's song(snicker), seratonin, shoutingfrom2ftaway(X-RAY VISION), and the other is untitled(in missing some lyrics).

plus we play mean covers of most any song we hate.

seeing as we're basically just a jam band you can just tell us how much you love us in this.

xNERDxCOREx(pants that don't reach your shoes, chuck taylors, izod shirts/nerd tees.)

badpoppunk, borrowing movies, bright eyes, cool guy thomas, coolkids, deathcabforcutie, emo!!!, fat girls, goodcharlatte, homoeroticism, jon brion, makingoutlongdrivesbrowneyes, novaginaticklers, omgomgomgdashboard!!, punkrawk., radiohead, rem, rem.yville, remy cosse, starlight mints, the get up kids, the pixies, thedescendants, thomas stevens, vaginaticklers, winstondalewillingham, worse than posers, worse than poseurs, xbritneyxcorex